Indoors            Outdoors

Standing Cocktail                                                                              150 pax                 250 pax

Informal standing buffet                                                                100 pax                200 pax

Formal seated Dinner                                                                         60 pax               140 pax



At O Vrakas Taverna in Pissouri Square, we know your wedding day is one of the most important in your life.

We provide you with a stylish and traditional venue, in the picturesque Pissouri Village Square, beautiful food and wines, a range of entertainment and unrivaled service, all at great value for money.

More importantly, perhaps, we are committed to making sure your day is truly special.

We are incredibly flexible and, because all weddings differ, we offer various packages or a build your own option.

Take a moment and send us an inquiry email or call us and then we will make our best to accommodate you.



O Vrakas Taverna is located in the heart of Pissouri Square and just under the

hill where the village’s church is founded, an ideal position for combining your baby’s

christening ceremony with an establishment close by.

Pissouri Square is pedestrianized which offers great secure environment for kids.

Special buffets and set menus available.



Celebrate your kids’ birthday in a different way. Pissouri square offers the security that you’re looking for your kids while enjoying a great glass of wine in the nature. Our menus vary and if the party is not for your kids but for an older kid then we can accommodate this to the occasion with always a surprise with our compliments according to how big the B-day is and who is celebrating and with who…..


Private Parties

Finishing a conference? Or being a group of friends that you really want to have your OWN party? Please Contact us and let us know what you need for your private party. Our team will be more than happy to guide you through dinner and entertainment options.